How to burn fat and have more energy, without sacrificing your lunch break or evenings, in just 10 mins a day!!

This FREE 5 Day Challenge is for women who are ready to make a positive and lasting change to their lifestyle to feel in control of their body again. The workouts are suitable for both beginners and intermediates. So don't hesitate click on the green buttons now and and join the challenge.

Starts Monday 23rd March @ 7am

Early Morning Workouts Are The Best









Burn More Calories

Kickstart your metabolism with a morning workout and burn calories all day long. Reverse your weight gain.

Increase your Energy

Have a more productive day both physically and mentally. Reduce tiredness and remain focused all day.

Eliminate Aches and Pains

The more fat you lose and muscle you gain the stronger your joints will be. This will reduce or eliminate joint pain.


Your gym is closed due to the Coronavirus

You are home and looking for something energetic to do

You know you need to exercise but don't like the gym

You wake up determined to fit in a workout but your day gets too busy

You are not a morning person but you are too tired or don't have the time to exercise in the evening

You are ready to start exercising but need some motivation and accountability

You go to the gym but don't seem to make as much progress as you'd like?

You just need to burn off some fat


Join me for 5 days of empowerment, commitment, support, motivation and accountability as we create your fat burning morning workout together.

We will have:

  • FREE workouts suitable for both beginners and intermediates. 
  • 5 'LIVE' workout videos EVERY DAY on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. (Subject to technology)
  • Your fitness questions answered in the facebook group
  • A free challenge Workbook and Planner 
  • Accountability from myself and the other participants
  • Motivation and essential guidance to help you succeed
  • 24 hours to watch the replay and keep you on track
  • At the end of the challenge you would have created your own morning workout routine.

 I will be there to guide and encourage you and to help you to become an amazing 'Fit & Fly Fatburner'.

Yes Please! Make Me A Fit & Fly Fatburner

Short Workouts

Join me 'LIVE' every morning at 7am to kick start your day. If you can't join then, you will have 24hrs to watch the replay.

Daily Motivation

Get daily inspiration with emails full of advice to super boost your fat burning results. You can do this!

Community Support

Be held accountable and encourage others in the Facebook group. Feel free to ask questions and post pics.

Meet The Trainer

Eugénie Burton is the founder of Designed2Live and Fifty & Fly. An attitude that guides women through their 40's so they can ooze confidence, have bounds of energy and develop a body that's strong enough to take them through the next phase of their life to enable them to live life without limits.

After tearing her Achilles Tendon just over a year ago, she is back and ready to take you through your paces again and ensure you come out on the other side fitter, healthier and definitely FLY.

Register NOW and become a "Fit & Fly Fatburner"


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