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Get Unstuck

Let's explore where you are now and what your challenges are. How do you feel about your health and and where you are in your life right now? What do you think about when you think about yourself?

Feel Better

Depending on what you think is right for you, we work out a plan with clear goals to get you working towards your awesomeness. With accountability and motivation you will create new good habits.

Be Awesome

As you start to see changes, we look at how to keep you on track, keep you motivated  and held accountable for getting the work done, which will truly make you awesome.

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  • Are you tired of feeling  unhealthy with no energy or strength?
  • Have you found yourself looking in the mirror, wondering what happened to the vibrant, confident and energetic woman you used to be?
  • Are you struggling to fit into your clothes, feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with your appearance?
  • Have you tried countless diets and gym memberships, only to be disappointed by the lack of lasting results?
  • Do you feel you need a guiding hand to help you get out of the rut and into a better, healthier and more fulfilling life?
    If you answered YES to any of the questions then you're in the right place!
At Designed2Live, we understand your journey because we've been there too. We know the challenges you face and the unique needs you have at this stage of life. Our holistic approach focuses on long-term lifestyle changes, not quick-fix solutions. We provide safe, effective, and fun fitness programs tailored specifically to your needs.
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Check out the servies on offer and ways you can work with me.

Online Personal Training

Get personalised fitness coaching and guidance that not only transforms your body but your mindset as well. Reach your fitness goals, replace your bad eating habits with good ones and develop a self-sufficient healthier lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

I offer 1-1 and Group PT Guidance Coaching with a weekly check in to keep you on on the right track - motivated, safe and accountable.

This is a cheaper option than traditional face to face coaching but with the same transformational results.

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Accountability Queens
(Success Groups)

Are you struggling with finding time, energy or motivation to workout? Do you have goals, plans and tasks that you know you should be doing but you keep putting them off and you just can't get them done?

Do you already know what to do to have a healthy lifestyle but you are struggling to do the work?

YES? Then you need to join one of my accountability groups and let me and others in the group hold you accountable, motivate you and keep you consistent and disciplined.

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My Virtual Fitness Studio

Tired of instructors who have no clue about your body?  Would you like to be inspired by fly, experienced instructors your own age?

Join 'My Virtual Fitness Studio' with instructors you can relate to.

Participate in fun live classes and/or select pre-recorded classes, workouts and programs.

Enjoy them  in your own time or join me LIVE in person or online.

It's not too late to get healthy!

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If you haven't been to one of my Zumba classes yet then you need to make it a priority!

Guarenteed you're going to have fun!

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Carol Murchison

"Eugénie is an excellent leader whose passion was to motivate and help others."

Denise Roberts

"I liked accessing guidance and encouragement to be more active, eat correctly and generally improve my health and fitness"

Sharon Stennett

"Eugénie was well versed in the topics presented and went all out to meet the needs of the clients and remind them of the need to make the change."

Vania Alexander

"I have taken part in various online live group calls and recently had my one to one call with Eugenie.  Eugenie's advice, guidance and suggestions are fantastic.  She has opened my eyes to the importance of setting goals, how to overcome challenges and exploring possibilities.  Eugenie is extremely professional in her approach and genuinely cares about her client's personal and professional growth.  Her knowledge and ability to inspire and encourage self-belief is first class."

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