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25 Ways You May Be Stuck in Your Life But Not Even Realise It

personal growth & spirituality Jun 17, 2020

Life begins at 40! We hear this often and I even say it myself but for many, it’s a daunting decade of worry, frustration, loneliness, and loss. What starts out as excitement and exploration ends up with broken dreams, a loss of direction and hot flashes.

You really don’t recognise what happened to the 'you' that used to be so cool 15-20 years ago and now you feel stuck, trapped, lost or even invisible.

This is not for those lucky few who are unstuck and living life just as they planned it to be, but for those who know there’s something missing but can’t quite figure out what.  To the outside world, you look happy and together but inside you are unfulfilled and restless.

This list of 25 areas where you might find yourself stuck, will help you to identify the issue/s that may be stopping you from realising your true potential. 

Let me know if you resonate with any of these and let’s discuss it. 

Are you:

  1. Stuck in your past 
  2. Trapped in your job
  3. Stuck in your relationship
  4. Trapped in your body that you don’t recognise
  5. Lost in your church
  6. Stuck with an uninspiring wardrobe
  7. Invisible in your workplace
  8. Stuck with your family
  9. Trapped in tiredness and low energy
  10. Stuck in your spiritual life
  11. Trapped in your neighbourhood
  12. Lost in your bad habits
  13. Stuck in your career
  14. Trapped in your finances
  15. Lost in your forgotten dreams
  16. Trapped in the ageing process
  17. Lost in your loneliness
  18. Stuck with toxic friends, family or work colleagues
  19. Trapped between mood swings
  20. Lost! When it comes to your teens.
  21. Trapped in your business
  22. Stuck in debt
  23. Invisible in your love life
  24. Lost in your emotions
  25. Stuck not knowing which way to turn

If you recognise yourself in any of these places, don’t worry, help is on the way. In my next post, we will look at how you can prise your way unstuck, set yourself free, find your way and become visible once more.

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