It's 2020 - The Year Of Perfect Vision

Happy New Year Folks! There’s something fresh and exciting about a new year isn’t there? We are reminded of the plans we had a year ago and how we reached our goals or failed them miserably in the first 3 months but regardless we are determined to do better this year right?

Going on a diet and exercising more are the top two resolutions made each New Year but 92% of people give up by the Spring!

Well, I’m here, this year, to try to help you. I want you to be successful this time. No tailing off, no cheating and no giving up.

Here are my 5 Essentials to help you keep your resolutions going until they become a part of your life:

  1. Set a realistic goal. Write it down and then work backwards to achieve it. Ask yourself what are the little steps you have to make to get there? What needs to happen first? What can you do now to start things off? Write it all down and tick it off as you go along.

  2. Plan your week. In fact plan each day!! Do it on a spreadsheet, in a Word...
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