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I liked being in a warm and pleasant location accessing guidance and encouragement to be more active, eat correctly and generally improve my health and fitness. This is because time out and away from stressors to focus on my own needs was needed

Denise Roberts

I loved the seminars. As you hear others explain their issues you see how to fix your own. I was impressed with the wealth of knowledge of Eugenie which gives you confidence to do what is asked.

Sharon Stennett

I liked that everything was planned, also the types of exercise, seminars especially as they allowed you to delve deeper into the common habits and mistakes of most people trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I enjoyed the outdoor activities, the fantastic support received from the host. The warm weather and wonderful walks for miles. I loved the encouragement of the whole group. I felt my personal results were what I liked most as I could feel the difference in my ongoing battle towards food and fitness. I would also like to say that being on this retreat allowed me to have my very first massage and it was the most incredible touch to an already fantastic retreat.

Sonia Glashin

Eugenie was well versed in the topics presented and went all out to meet the needs of the clients and remind them of the need to make the change.

Frieda Kalumba


I enjoyed every minute of the retreat like everything the group of ladies were lovely and we got on very well together always encourage you complete any task that was set

Christine Irish

I enjoyed the walking session as it was really fun and creative.

Tracie Rowe

It was a perfect retreat. Excellent ladies in the group. Excellent leader whose passion was to motivate and help others. Opened my eyes to believe that all things are possible to achieve with determination. I loved the early morning exercises, hiking and the seminars...learning about how to change my diet into a healthy diet.

Carol Murchison


"Great workout! I really feel that I’m beginning to make progress and it was great working out on the track."

"That was really hard, I can't feel my legs but I did it!"

"I always get nervous before a leg workout as they are so intense but I definitely feel my legs getting stronger so I know it's making a difference."

"Today's session was awesome, those press-ups at the end nearly killed me."


I have taken part in various online live group calls and recently had my one to one call with Eugenie.  Eugenie's advice, guidance and suggestions are fantastic.  She has opened my eyes to the importance of setting goals, how to overcome challenges and exploring possibilities.  Eugenie is extremely professional in her approach and genuinely cares about her client's personal and professional growth.  Her knowledge and ability to inspire and encourage self belief is first class. 

Eugenie, thank you for all you help thus far.


I was always a size 8 in clothing prior to having my son in 2009, and in the 6 years thereafter I had become a size 18!

In 2014 I had my second son, and I realised it was time I did something in order to loose my weight as my BMI now suggested that I was obese.

I tried to loose some weight and it took a year to get down to a size 16. In the desperate need of wanting to loose more weight I contacted Eugunie in 2016.

After an induction we decided on a 10-week program, in which I was given sessions within the comfort of my own home. One of my favourite exercises was the plank, which helped to build on inner core strength and burn the extra pounds around the tummy.

Eugenie would plan sessions and bring whatever equipment was required, my favourite had to be using the 12kg kettle bell and the kick boxing sessions, which really made me, sweat.

Eugenie also worked out my meal plans, keeping in mind my dietary requirements, which she then checked regularly by keeping in touch in between sessions.

After the impressive results I did a further 10 weeks and had become a size 12/14, loosing a total of 15 kilos. I found that my breathing was so much better; I could move around with so much ease, I had no more aches and pains, and most importantly I was full of energy.

Even after completing the course I'm still managing to loose weight, as I have been able to maintain the healthy lifestyle introduced to me by Eugenie.

8 months on, I'm on a healthy BMI and a happy size 12 in clothes.

Thank you Eugenie you are really the best xxx


Very engaging presentation ..... even the children were kept captivated and involved. Beautiful song the children learnt.

The question and answer session went on for awhile as people were very intrigued as to how to improve their own lifestyle and how Eugenie maintained her youthful looks.

Very good energy....very pleasant down to earth person.

Eugenie did not hesitate to accept our invitation to come to present at our church. What a blessing we received.
Claudia Lewis