How Many of These Bad Lifestyle Habits Are You Guilty of?

We all have bad habits. Some we know we should change and some we don’t even recognise as bad habits. They become so much a part of our lifestyle but are they the barriers that are holding us back and keeping us stuck? 

How many do you identify with?

  1. Keeping plastic bags in plastic bags
  2. Apologising for everything even when it's not your fault
  3. Eating between meals or constantly eating
  4. Sitting down in front of the TV all evening.
  5. Making decisions based on what other people may think 
  6. Smoking
  7. Eating junk food because it's cheap or just because you like it.
  8. Indecision
  9. Piling your plate up with carbs Eg Rice, Mac n cheese, potatoes, etc
  10. Buying bargains because they are bargains not because you need them. 
  11. Buying offers like 3 for 2 even though you only need 1. 
  12. Always saying "basically", "like", "you know," or "yeah"
  13. Skipping breakfast
  14. Eating when you are not hungry
  15. Falling out with people and deciding not to talk to them ever again. 
  16. Not taking time to heal after a relationship and wondering why the new guy is just like the last one 
  17. Eating whilst watching TV
  18. Putting everyone else first
  19. Going to bed too late
  20. Saying you will pray for someone but never doing it 
  21. Not going to the doctor's/dentist/Accident & Emergency when you know you should 
  22. Not drinking enough water
  23. 'Rewarding' yourself with something sugary
  24. Taking the car/bus/train when you know you should walk. 
  25. Phone distraction.- You look on your phone to check the weather but 30 mins later you are still on your phone but have no clue on the weather.


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