What Are You Wearing In Your House?


House clothes. Clothes you wear in your house. They are rarely bought specifically for that purpose. They are old clothes that are unsuitable to wear outside of the house. Why? Well because they are mostly old, dingy, ripped, out of date and/or shapeless.

There are a few reasons why you have then
1. Can't let go. They once were the pride of your wardrobe. You loved wearing them but refused to let them go. Even when it got stains on it that wouldn't come out or it got caught on something and ripped. You loved it so much that you kept it in spite of its obvious lack of suitability. "I'll wear it around the house" you said. That was 20 years ago and you are still wearing that thing. People it's time to let it go. Ohh and that old dress you use as a nightie? That can go as well.

2. It's comfortable. I know it's comfortable. I know you want to change clothes when you get home. I know all this but those baggy hoodie and jogging pants are not doing you any favours. Comfy doesn't have to be unflattering. Go out and buy something a little more… err…..sexy?

3. By default. This could be an unwanted gift or you have it because you couldn't be bothered to return it, lost the receipt or missed the return by date. It could be a hand me down or it was a really good bargain that you couldn't walk away from, even though it didn't suit you.

Listen folks, I'm not suggesting you look glamorous all day, every day but what I am suggesting is that you think a little more about what you wear at home because it affects how you feel about yourself.

There's a life lesson here.

1. Let go of the past. Stop holding on to it. There's a much brighter future ahead so let it go!

2. Get out of your comfort zone. There's so much more to discover about the world and about yourself. Try something new and sexy.

3. Design your life. Stop allowing others to decide your life for you. Make decisions, do what makes you happy and set goals.

So let’s get some new made for purpose house clothes and I'm expecting happy charity shops, happy recycling centres and happy husbands!


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